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Structural and Materials Senior Engineer - Advanced Process Design (Ph.D.)

You can gain an in-depth understanding of every detail of the entire process of electronic products from research and development to processing and manufacturing;

You have the opportunity to master the most cutting-edge materials, technology and top precision processing equipment;

You will be responsible for advanced process innovation, research, design and application of massive products, precision components and packaging modules;

I hope you can join hands with us to give full play to your ingenuity, face the world-class challenges and problems in the field of process research and development, innovate and apply the world's cutting-edge advanced process technology, propose perfect engineering process solutions, and launch world-leading products one after another. 

1. Majors in materials science, polymer materials, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, welding technology, nanomaterials, electronic packaging engineering, optoelectronic science and other materials, machinery, automation and electronic information, familiar with finite element simulation and failure analysis , have a certain reliability knowledge;
 2. Have a certain understanding of communication knowledge, have a certain engineering analysis ability, and be able to read and understand English materials proficiently;
 3. Those who are proficient in any of the following tools and software are preferred: Pro/E , AutoCAD, Flotherm, ICEPAK, CorelDRAW, Rhino, 3DMAX, Studio tools.