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Engineer I- Relay Operations Engineer

This position is in the Relay and SCADA Operations Department inside of the Power Delivery Operations (PDO) organization at Dominion Energy South Carolina. The department is responsible for all maintenance and construction requirements for the relay protection and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) schemes in our electrical substations and generating plants.

Responsibilities include maintaining electromechanical and microprocessor-based protective relays at prescribed intervals through settings verification and/or calibration, functional testing of electric control circuits, and verification of secondary voltage and current readings. This includes maintaining protective relays that are NERC classified under PRC-005 on a 5-year rotation. In addition to maintenance responsibilities this position is responsible for new construction of protection systems in electrical substations and in electric generations facilities. These protection systems cover high voltage transmission lines, distribution feeder circuits, transmission buses, auto transformers, generators, and others. The candidate will work with control wiring, alarm circuits, fiber optics, and other communications circuits. Commissioning new construction projects will require testing of current and potential transformers (CT’s and PT’s), verifying control circuits, testing/calibrating relays using Enoserv RTS software and Doble F6150 Power System Simulators, terminating multimode fiberoptic cables, and point-by-point confirmation of SCADA controls with distribution dispatching and/or transmission system control. The candidate will routinely perform troubleshooting on controls and communications equipment, read blueprints, and interface with ethernet, DNP, serial, Modbus, and analog communications protocols. They will frequently coordinate with other work groups within DESC to schedule outages, write switching requests, and plan the sequence of jobs. The department also maintains a scheduled call-out rotation where each employee will be on call for one week several times a year. Responsibilities during a call out rotation require being fit-for-duty to respond to any system event or equipment trouble during non-business hours. The engineer will also work on projects, as their skill level permits, from time to time that are not pre-engineered and require all the design work to be completed in the field. Development of blueprints and other drawings, either manually or via AutoCAD, will be required in these instances and will be submitted to the drafting department for review and to have official copies created.

As skills and experience increase the engineer will become more of a subject matter expert, providing feedback to our Substation Engineering, Relay Applications, and Materials and Equipment Standards groups to increase productivity and drive innovation. Such feedback and collaboration will include input on relay panel designs, selection of test equipment,

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Experience

Engineer I
0-2 years of Electrical engineering experience.
Basic knowledge of engineering concepts, fundamentals, and theory.
Oral and written communication skills (includes technical writing).
Effective decision-making skills.
Computer skills and application of software programs.
Analytical and abstract thinking skills.
Problem solving skills.
Ability to learn to apply engineering theories and concepts to complex problems.
Ability to interpret codes, regulations, and practices.
Ability to develop effective planning, project, and organization skills.
Ability to develop project management skills and to handle multiple tasks.
Ability to work within a team environment.