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Co-op - Chemical Engineering Co-op - Operations - BASF Whitestone(Spartanburg), South Carolina

Chemical Engineering Co-op - Operations - BASF Whitestone(Spartanburg) South Carolina

We offer an opportunity in batch specialty chemical manufacturing located in heart of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Students gain exposure to real world problems and day to day plant operations and learn the kinds of systems plants operate under (like ISO 9000 and 14000, Process Safety Management PSM). You will immediately identify with consumer products which use our chemicals as ingredients. 
 A successful experience is one where...
  • Learning is an emphasis on a par with any other activities
  • You work as part of a team with the process engineers and co-ops on site who will share your experiences  
  • The student feels like a contributor on the level of a graduated Chem E upon completion of all rotations
Creating Project Scopes for small capital expenditures, typically $1000 to $25,000. Includes basic design, project justification, and costing of materials. Also includes participation in process safety evaluations such as HAZOP and Management of change. Students also follow through on some coordination of installation.
Examples: Add catalyst charge pots to reactors, install liquid charge lines, add polishing filters, scope new automation schemes
Plant Operations
  • Track downtime root causes. Target particular areas of improvements. 
  • Compare fitness of purpose of technologies for use in the plant. May involve interaction with vendors and practical trials in the plant or laboratory. Examples: Compare polishing filter types, evaluate flow meter types.
  • Edit product manufacturing procedures. Participate as part of a multifunctional team to evaluate processes for avenues of improvement in safety, quality and efficiency. Typically, 3 - 4 per semester. Produce new revisions of manufacturing processes.
  • Evaluate lab scale unit operation methods. Example: perform lab scale product/water separations in varying concentrations of salt to optimize finished good separation.
  • Lab scale batch process evaluation - examine one or several aspects of a product for targeted improvement. 
  • Operate pilot lab trials for in-line analytics.
Special Projects 
Examples: Train and supervise operators during startup of new packaging equipment, troubleshoot batch process problems and alter process instructions for improvement, construct operator interface screens, introduce new systems and ways of working to operations.
Read Up
Look at past reports from the co-ops who have worked at Mauldin. I believe you will find most have had rewarding and valuable experiences which have prepared them well for success.