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Staff Software Engineer

- Responsible for assisting in the design and performing assigned detailed engineering efforts in the assigned discipline under the guidance of an engineer, including but not limited to the following tasks:
- Analysis of existing technology applications, processes, and products, taking into consideration costs, life cycle considerations, reliability, maintainability, productivity, and long-term support.
- Performing intensive technology research & evaluation of a broad array of alternative solutions to improve existing implementations.
- Defining and implementing advanced technological implementations and evaluations to provide risk reduction & determine production feasibility of improved and alternate technological implementations.
- Designing, implementing, and achieving operational status of advanced technological and engineering approaches to satisfy customer needs. 
- Responsible for participation in detailed cross functional engineering communication, design, evaluation, and implementations achieving novel and unique functionality and capability through multi-disciplined engineering applications through:
- Participation in multidiscipline design teams and process action team efforts.
- Preparing and presenting design alternatives to a multidiscipline review peer group.
- Preparing and implementing designs that apply multidiscipline solutions achieving breakthrough performance and unique technological applications.
- Responsible for assisting in providing technical interface with present and perspective customers through the following activities:
- Diagnosing existing and perspective customer needs and opportunities through informal and formal interaction to understand present operations and limitations and customer priorities and needs.
- Preparing and presenting detailed technical presentations, using information gathered both directly and indirectly, to provide customer insight into technological capabilities that could significantly improve operations.
- Insuring strong technical communication and understanding through use of terms, design illustrations, and operating paradigms common to the customer experience.
- Provides detailed technical information to lead engineer allowing tracking of cost, schedule, and technical risk assessments at all stages of implementation.
- Ensures familiarity with all MERC core capabilities, and with current and potential customer base.
- During all customer contacts, remains alert for any potential problems or opportunities that could possibly lead to additional business for any MERC core capability area.
-Reports all perceived or identified MERC business opportunities to the Director of Acquisition Strategy through a Chief Engineer.