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Customer Success Specialist - Precision Agriculture

Solinftec is an innovative digital agriculture company rapidly expanding its operations in the US with 22 million acres, 30 thousand machines connected, and 100 thousand daily users. Solinftec was recently awarded by AgFunder as the Most Innovative International Startup Series A and beyond award. We are a key player in IoT and A.I. for agricultural business, with several systems deployed in sugar, ethanol, corn, soybeans, cotton, and citrus. The company develops hardware, software, mobile applications, integration with ERP legacy systems and telecom carriers, and creates value added solutions for digital agriculture. As part of the company’s growth strategy, the international expansion plans include a presence in the United States, Latin America, and Australia.
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The position requires technical and operational knowledge surrounding the digital agriculture solutions commercialized by Solinftec. It also requires background knowledge of the agricultural processes of customers where these solutions will be implemented (retailers and growers, agricultural operations, the impact of climatic conditions on operations, main inputs used, agricultural process planning, etc.). This knowledge will be used to improve the customer's learning process with new technologies and to meet the needs and expectations of the client as quickly as possible.
The Customer Success Specialist is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing all stages of deployment for the solution in our clients operations, in pilot or commercial projects. The Customer Success Specialist is also responsible for after-sales assistance when required and to maintain an excellent relationship with the clients.

1 to 3 years working with agriculture processes (row crop growers, retailers) and technologies for agriculture.
0 to 3 years working with automation, computer systems, or similar experience.

· Bachelor’s degree in one of the following majors: Agronomy, Data Science, Automation Engineering, Computer Engineering, or similar fields.
· Ability to understand new technological solutions for digital agriculture and their impact on agricultural processes.
· Hands on experience with farming and/or machine operation.
· Ability to face new challenges and overcome them in a high-pressure environment.
· Analytical skills and the ability to present and discuss results for different projects.
· Outstanding organizational and communication skills.
· Customer relationship management abilities.
· Strong verbal and written communication skills.
· Proactive problem solving and prioritization abilities to achieve goals.
· Advanced skills with computer systems and software are a must.
· Ability to work in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
· Collaborate with the sales and technical teams to improve products and design new offers as part of the company’s portfolio.
· Valid driver’s license is required.

· Experience in AgTech or Precision Agriculture is preferred.
· Training in project management would be beneficial.
· Knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese is a plus.

· Availability to travel.
· Will be the primary contact between Solinftec and the customers. Will be able to facilitate the process of customers adopting new technologies, understanding their needs and business objectives, and identifying how our company can add value with novel solutions.
· Through visits and online meetings, maintaining the client’s relationship and frequent follow up with projects to keep customer retention at very high levels, and increase sales of new solutions or cross-selling.
· Will be responsible for: planning, executing, training, presenting results, and technical support for our clients with pilot or commercial projects. These projects will show the company's solutions and how our technology adds value to their operations, while exceding the client’s expectations.
· Interact with different teams (IT, Installation, Firmware, Development and products) during the deployment of the solutions that will be implemented in pilot or commercial projects.
· In-depth knowledge of the technical and operational details for the solutions that will be deployed to the client (installation, programming and configuration of the hardware, setup, functionalities of the mobile application, configuration, and functionalities of the monitoring system).
· After completing the project deployment process the CSS must maintain frequent contact with the clients to verify the operation of the implemented solutions, and offer full assistance for doubts, clarification, or troubleshooting.
· Quick decision making ability focused on project success and customer satisfaction.
· Document the implementation project activities in a complete, accurate, and efficient way using the tools established by the company.
· Know the strategy and prioritization of the product roadmap to keep the customer updated about the new solutions that can be incorporated into their processes and how the latest technologies add value.

Midwest region, home office may be negotiable

To apply, please send resume to: